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Someshwara wildlife experience

Monsoon is perhaps an uncomfortable time to be up and about in the Western Ghats. However, the forest splendour can be best explored in the rains. The Western Ghats is undeniably charming in the monsoons. Heavy clouds moodily hang over the valleys, dissipating into frequent showers. Mere streams turn into violent torrents and crash down […]

The beautiful Spiti Valley

It reverberates a feeling of belonging and inspires travel and adventure. Spiti, often known as Little Tibet, is home to few of the oldest Buddhist monasteries and temples in the world. Tucked away in the interiors of the Trans-Himalayan belt of Himachal Pradesh, this high altitude cold desert region has only recently been opened to […]

On wheels through the mountains of Nepal

“The only good view when you are on the move is in the rear-view mirror,” and most riders nod in unison. Manoeuvring and embracing every bend and curve of this bowl-shaped valley, Kathmandu can be best savoured in the open – on a motorbike. Time to load the bikes and gear up for a long […]

Rafting experience on River Kali

This place is magical and for many reasons. From Goddesses, deep cultural heritage to rich natural reserves – The Kali River originates from the Greater Himalayas in Kalapaani at an altitude of 3600 m, in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand, India. The river is named after Goddess Kali whose temple is situated in Kalapaani near […]

Agumbe wildlife experience

Ensconced in the Western Ghats is Agumbe, a rainforest that gets in excess of 8-9 metres of rainfall a year! Agumbe is known for its unexplored terrain, deep forests and remoteness, and the area’s climate has made it one of the most difficult places to live in south of the Vindhyas. It has arguably the […]

Dandeli Wildlife Experience

On a quiet night, a rare black panther lurks through the forest; a massive buttress dwarfs a group of people – Flying snakes glide across canopies and hornbills feed on figs just above the camp. Flying squirrel hop on trees and this elaborate performance gets musical with the Kali River, as she meanders through the […]

Annamalais Trip

The beautiful hills of the Annamalai host some incredible wildlife. It remains untouched compared to many other tourist-saturated destinations in the Western Ghats. Though Valparai is mostly owned by private tea companies, a large part of the area has a lot to offer for nature enthusiasts and wildlifers. Species found in the landscape include giant […]

Young Backpackers!

“A man on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourists can in a hundred miles.” – Edward Abbey We completely agree with Abbey! In today’s world where everything is more mechanized, hurried and tech-dominated, the simple things in life, yet the most pivotal, […]