Agumbe Experience – a monsoon exploration trip

After witnessing a pitiless summer this year, rain must sound like a blessing? And, blessing it is… We are heading to get our share of mother earth’s bounty at the stunning Agumbe and we would love to have you with us!


What are we going to EXPLORE?

Stream habitat and the life it holds

Thick sholas and trek to precipice of a waterfall.

Swamps created during rains

Waterfall and the habitat all around

Walks in search of nocturnal life

Canopies and life it holds


And of course, we have rain for company on (hopefully) all three days

When: June 17, 18 and 19

Where: Agumbe

Departure: June 16 – 9.00pm

Arrival: June 20 – 5.00am


For those who would like to be part this workshop, get in touch with

 Kaushik Bajibab: 9886169698