Corporate programs

A week within four walls continuously plugged to “technology” and tuned to consuming data – at office, on television, from newspapers and in the very city – that never quietens. How about “switching off” just for a little while, and tuning into some fresh sounds of the wild, and learning from its more natural educators? We at Wishbone believe the outdoors is not just a recreational bait – it’s a welcoming obligation.

Yes! To be able to function to your fullest capacity – you need to get “out” there and bring back enough motivation to keep you going! That’s what all our Corporate Programmes are about! We take you “out” there and bring you back safe, stuffed with loads of inspiration, enthusiasm, and many happy buddies.


What we do?


Wildlife experience: Birdwatching, bush whacking, wildlife tracking, wildlife safaris, and photography

Outdoor adventure: Rock climbing, trekking, kayaking, coracle ride, tree climbing, other ropes courses, rappelling, scuba diving, and camping

Team building activities: Interactive team games, long-lost traditional sports and games of Karnataka, farming and planting, innovative adventure-based, team-building activities.

Tailor-made: Trips are customized to meet specific needs of each client – Right from location, theme, to activities.


Why Wishbone?

Out of the box ideas and concepts, we are unique! We have adopted nature and adventure as a tool to stimulate, inspire and motivate. We have the best professional instructors on board. Have a wilderness medic on board at all times. You ideate, we create that for you. A highly rewarding, yet a leisure breakaway ground plan. Break new grounds, taste new boundaries. Learn something new – from outdoor skills, wildlife, nature, to a new sport. Shed inhibitions, savor adventure. Make lasting friendships.


In the news

We have conducted over 300 programs and trips over the last 10 years. Work force comprises a team of professional and recognized instructors and trained personnel. We have been featured in leading national newspapers, magazines and international portals. Nominated for “The best eco-tourism/responsible tour operators’ in India by Outlook Traveller for the year 2013-2014, we were also featured by Intuit as one of the emerging small businesses in India.


Our clients

Our corporate and school clientele include Cisco, ICICI Prudential, Standard Chartered, YPO, Aditi Mallya, Inventure Academy and many more.


In their words:

“Wishbone provided a unique wildlife experience for our business partners. It was a first of its kind and the intensity of the wishbone team in engaging the group was well appreciated. A well thought out itinerary kept the group alive and active. I am sure the team at Wishbone continues to work on such programmes to provide a unique tryst with Nature.” – AJ

Harikrishna Raj, zonal head, South, ICICI Prudential, AMC Limited