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A Jumbo Conflict

And so they stand, sombre and resigned, with limited foraging movement in an unnatural environment, […]


Bangalore’s very own forest, Turahalli is no stranger to city folks still reeling in the […]

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

Cauvery Fishing camp is not a new destination – Bangaloreans know of the place, and […]


Interview with Jenu Kuruba tribe leader

Do most of us caught in the gridlock over the issue of relocation of tribals […]


Bamboo extraction harms forests

In a proposal submitted to the Central Government recently, the Kerala government has sought a […]


One-sided reporting can harm wildlife

Scanning through wildlife news in Indian newspapers, a disturbing theme repeats itself – CONFLICT. Words […]

Sathyamangalam gets reserve tag

Sathyamangalam, Tamil Nadu’s largest wildlife sanctuary, has recently been given the status of a tiger […]

Book review: Monitoring elephant populations & assessing threats

Monitoring Elephants the right way: A Synopsis of the Manual titled ‘Monitoring Elephant Populations and […]