About us

For years, we have travelled as individuals seeking stories. We’ve roamed as wildlife geeks and outdoor addicts. We’ve quit jobs within cubicles, refused to take up others and gone after the natural world. Our journeys now allow us to give you the most personalized outdoor, wildlife and travel experiences you’ll ever have. No one can do it like us. We’re Wishbone.

Wishbone’s greater vision is “A Greener World”. It’s the way the world was, and it’s only necessary that we try our best to keep it that way. By means of intimate experiences, we hope to rekindle an appreciation for the natural world. Across the country, we take you to the best of the known and the unknown. National parks of folklore, legendary for their magnificent wildlife, to pristine high-altitude valleys you couldn’t find on a map if you looked through an industrial lens.

At the end of a programme, it’s a positive re-birth – In the way you look at your life, your decisions and your sensibilities. We hope the thrill of your experience makes you understand the need to conserve. Turn off a tap, switch off a light, adopt the ‘leave no trace’ lifestyle and most importantly, understand and save wildlife – we aim to stir up a drive in you ‘to do your bit’!

Schools, families, individuals or corporate(s); we’ll help you feel the magic of the natural world.